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Ice bottle cooler

Categories: Decoration, DIY

A stylish way to present drinks on the table while keeping it cold at the same time. You'll need to give yourself a couple of days to freeze the layers.

Ice bottle cooler


  • A 3-liter empty soda container that you will cut the top
  • Distilled water
  • Fruit such as lemons, limes, star fruit, or cranberries
  • Duct tape (only in case the bottle floats up in the water)

Place the bottle of vodka inside the 3-liter container and fill with an inch or two of the distilled water - freeze until solid. When the base is frozen you can begin adding slice fruit or berries around the bottle and fill with more water to just cover the fruit layer - freeze until solid.

Once the first fruit layer is frozen you can add your next layer in the same manner, filling with distilled water enough to cover the fruit. This layer should take you to the top of the vodka bottle - freeze until solid. Once the cooler is frozen, take it out of the freezer so it can thaw slightly - enough to work the 3-liter container off of the ice (about 30 minutes). You may still need to dip in warm water to help ease it off. Once you have the ice cooler out of the container store it in the freezer until ready to set on your bar.

When setting the ice cooler out on your bar, set it in a shallow dish or tray that is lined with a small towel. This will prevent the ice base from slipping around on the dish, as well as help contain the melting ice. Under normal home temperatures this should last a few hours.

{via: Celebrations at home}

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