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Wedding guestbooks

Categories: Decoration, DIY

As we have been telling you for some time, a good way to involve the guests at your wedding is through a book in which each one write their wishes.

Wedding guestbooks

At Martha Stewart Weddings we've found some inspiration that you must not loose:

  1. Why not remember the birthdays of all of them via a calendar? They will write theirs over the day they were born.
  2. What if they write down the recipe of their life to share with you?
  3. In a blank book can be combined a photo booth or a Polaroid with comment right next to each.
  4. It would be great if they were collected all their best wishes in a glass jar.
  5. A natural tree would be the perfect meeting point for all the guests.
  6. And if you room is not so big for the tree, put some dry branches in a beautiful vase, working perfectly to collect the wishes and thoughts to your new life.

Images: The Brides Guide.

{via: The Brides Guide}

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