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Gourmet s’mores table

Categories: Food

The smores are common a ritual on campfire nights near the heat of a fire, where a combination of crackers, melted chocolate and marshmallow becomes a crunchy and irresistible sweet.

Move this concept in our outdoor celebrations, weddings or parties with friends, providing a table full of gourmet marshmallows with special flavors, different kinds of chocolates, crackers and a selection of toppings.

Gourmet s’mores table

Each guest will choose a flavor and skewer, and the warmth of a small fire or barbecue will melt the sweet being ready in a few seconds to join together with the chocolate, crackers and a dip of chopped nuts or coconut.

As a suggestion, you can buy gourmet flavored marshmallows from here, here or here and you will be ready to enjoy your little outdoor party!

{via: Cookie creatives}

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