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Circle  labels in Ideas of planning, organizing and decorating weddings

Circle labels

Very useful to decorate any kind of paper, letters, envelopes or anything that comes to your creative mind!

Super 8 wedding in Photographs and videos of the bride and groom at weddings and engagments

Super 8 wedding

The format of the Super 8 camera is a classic that is still many used for its lovely colour and grain that captures unforgettable vintage style moments.

Thank you cookies in Ideas of planning, organizing and decorating weddings

Thank you cookies

Following the recipe of sugar cookies we like most, we can make a sweet and a nice favor for our guests.

Cupcake skewers in Food, catering for weddings

Cupcake skewers

Just when you think there’s nothing new left to do with a cupcake, here’s a super-sweet idea.

Marry me proposals in Gifts and favors for weddings, brides and grooms, guests and family

Marry me proposals

Valentine's Day is closer... do you want to be original in the marriage proposal and make that moment unforgettable?

Fake lips and mustaches in Ideas of planning, organizing and decorating weddings

Fake lips and mustaches

Make your own lips & mustaches on a stick and poof you have cute props for your photo booth/ or photo shoot!