Printable matchbox favor Printable matchbox favor

Simple favors but with personality!

Flower dog collar Flower dog collar

Long live the bride, the groom and their pets!

Tuxedo favor boxes Tuxedo favor boxes

Elegantly showy!

Ring pop party favors Ring pop party favors

Very sweet jewels that will not ruin your pocket!

Nautical favor gifts Nautical favor gifts

Ideal for all those weddings held beside the sea.

Plants with embroidered leaves Plants with embroidered leaves

Can you imagine giving to your guests a small plant with their name embroidered on the leaves?

Mini Polaroid magnets Mini Polaroid magnets

A reminder of the date of your wedding that your guests will always remember that visit the fridge!

Embroidered wedding photo Embroidered wedding photo

What you seem to add a superb touch to the photographs with color strings totally palpable to the senses?

Floral favors Floral favors

Will be the perfect room to hold everything that comes into your head.

Custom mobiles Custom mobiles

Are a real treasure to hang on the walls of the newlyweds as a lasting memory of their marriage!


Personalized wedding dishes Personalized wedding dishes

With an fabulous watercolor effect that make them even more capricious if possible, you can not ignore them!

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