Carlo & Federica Carlo & Federica

A very 'happy' surprise is waiting for Federica.

Pauline and Yann Pauline and Yann

Playful and friendly couple dancing to the rhythm of Depeche Mode!

Bruno and Regina Bruno and Regina

What is your perfect recipe for happiness?

Athena and Jonny Athena and Jonny

An intimate country wedding held between whimsical vines.

Iza and Sammy Iza and Sammy

Stop motion and broad smiles to create a nice and casual video!

Jump with Jonah and Jamie Jump with Jonah and Jamie

Fresh and friendly, learn with them how to take the feet off of the floor!

Pete and Lisa Pete and Lisa

Drink a sip of their smiles and sympathy.


A lightwriting proposal A lightwriting proposal

Original, creative and full of love bright!

Alice and Francesco Alice and Francesco

Eco-friendly, fun and made in stop motion, as we like!

Painting a Save the Date in a wall Painting a Save the Date in a wall

The result has been immaculately perfect, worthy of professional painters!

Raffaella and Augusto Raffaella and Augusto

This lovely couple get married under the shady trees, in a cool environment with jovial dancing rhythms!

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