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Lego cake topper in Ideas of planning, organizing and decorating weddings

Lego cake topper

These small blocks will be useful to transform them into the toppers of the wedding cake.

How to tie a bow tie in Dresses and wedding wear ideas for the brides and the grooms at weddings

How to tie a bow tie

You are late for the ceremony of your best friend and I you need to wear a bow tie. Bow tie? And what about the knot?

Retro brunch in Food, catering for weddings

Retro brunch

A good choice for the celebrations, is holding a brunch, a meal located between breakfast and lunch.

Custom paper dolls in Gifts and favors for weddings, brides and grooms, guests and family

Custom paper dolls

Pay attention to the style of Jordan Grace, with her articulated paper dolls. Want to know her work?

Fact napkins in Decoration and wedding indoor and outdoor details

Fact napkins

Print on napkins anecdotes about you and make them move around the celebration dinner.

Jenga guestbox in Ideas of planning, organizing and decorating weddings

Jenga guestbox

Do you know Jenga game? On your wedding it will have a new use: collect the signatures of your guests.

Matchbook notepads in Ideas of planning, organizing and decorating weddings

Matchbook notepads

If you do not want to complicate too much in making a gift for your guests, you can try to create these little custom notepads.