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Photo album for weddings, with signature book function

To give the bride and groom a great gift on their wedding day, photo album with blank pages for signatures and souvenirs.
Possibly you think that everything is ready for your wedding day, the dress, the invitations, the decoration, the music, the appetizers, and so on; But how about a photo album where your guests can express a writing or their signature? Great! It's just a great idea.
Photo album for weddings, with signature book function
A spectacular photo book, perfectly decorated to be used on special occasions such as weddings, baptisms and birthdays. So if you do not plan to get married yet, you can also consider this photo album with signatures for a special birthday gift.
This golden book has several blank pages where you can either place the photos, or if you prefer to fill them with writings, mind maps, shapes, whatever you want. You can put your imagination to fly with this incredible product.
How about a Valentine's gift?
It is time for you to deliver an original gift on Valentine's Day, fill this book with photos, drawings and messages, to give it to that special person, we know you will appreciate it very much and it will be a great surprise.
Also, if you are one of those who do not expect a special day to give something, then start now to choose the photographs and to inspire yourself to write something to that special person who deserves a gift like this.
The photo album is also perfect for those who go on a trip and like to write comfortably on the road, because it is a very compact book that does not take up much space but you can write a lot inside it.