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An elegant bridal brunch in a single color tone

Dare to organize your own brunch for your wedding day. It may seem challenging, but once you have achieved it you will be satisfied with the result.

An elegant bridal brunch in a single color tone

Focusing our decoration style towards a monochromatic palette can be very challenging. But focusing on a single tone is an extraordinary idea. You do not believe me? Keep reading.

The choice of tone

First set the color tone. I recommend subtle tones with little saturation. Then you should choose the flowers, tablecloths and crockery using variations of the chosen tone. Do not forget to select a contrast element that gives dynamism to the table.

Once you choose the tone, mix and match containers from the same family of colors to add visual diversity to the table. Opt for patterned pieces based on the chosen color tone, and combine them with solid color pieces.

Patterns and textures

Mix formal styles with informal details, respecting the chromatic range chosen. You can play to alternate the decoration of the pieces between the places on the table, so that each guest feels unique to be surrounded by different styles.

The tablecloths impart a touch of delicacy to the brunch. Most of the time you want the tablecloths to be in the lightest spectrum of the chosen tone, or directly to use tablecloths in shades of white.

The details

The secret is in the details ... You can place cards that match the centerpiece, and also decorate them with watercolors that imitate the design of the vases. Finally, decorate each stand with a small floral bouquet and everything will be perfect.

Do you know what would be a perfect detail for your table? Cupcakes served in a cup, and matching the chosen tone.