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An original trolley holder in an embroidery frame

The traditional cushions will have a replacement thanks to these great ideas; Two models of original wedding carriers for your wedding day.

An original trolley holder in an embroidery frame

Most of us remember our grandmothers, or perhaps even our mothers, spending long periods embroidering on a rack while talking or listening to the radio. I still have many embroideries of my grandmother, even one is hung in my house.

But embroider not as common as it used to be. And that is precisely why this embroidery frame to hold wedding bands can be one of the most original things to incorporate into the ceremony.

This simple alliance holder could even become your first embroidery project. Do you dare? We give you two ideas in case you dare to embroidery classes.

Simple carrier with heart embroidery

With this portaalianzas it is difficult to lose or fall your wedding rings. But apart from that, its minimalist style makes it a detail that everyone will admire. The same you can consider the satin cushion for alliances.

In addition, once the bride and groom have the wedding rings in their hands, you can embroider other details, such as the date of the union and the names of both, to make it an esteemed memory of a special day.

Flower rack with floral embroidery

But who said that we have to settle for minimalism? You can incorporate floral embroidery and with patience simulate all kinds of fonts for names and dates.

And do not forget the symbolisms. Adding a bow to your design can also be a great idea. It is thought that a thin white bow is the best symbol of a pure alliance based on love. May that day be the most special of your life!