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Bachelorette Hangover kit for the bachelorette party

We have for you this fabulous kit for the hangover, because the bachelorette party is an event in which excesses are committed. A very timely gift.

Bachelorette Hangover kit for the bachelorette party

When you are preparing the wedding, you take care of every detail: decoration, banquet, cake, dress, and much more. Tradition dictates that the future wife have a night of relaxation, and what better than with the famous bachelorette party, which are taken care of by friends.

The bachelorette party is usually held the night before marrying, where the bride says goodbye to the maiden life. In my opinion, it is a relief before so much pressure for a day as important as the wedding.

Designed especially for the hangover

It is normal during the farewell to do certain activities related to food and drink, so the next day you and your friends end up with a hangover.

I suggest you be warned in this regard. Distribute a series of hangover kits at your bachelorette party, which you can use as a welcome gift or as a gift of gratitude to the guests.

These kits will allow you and your friends to enjoy their night without worries for the next day. In addition they will feel very well and will be spectacular for the wedding.

What can the kit include?

These kits are also known as a recovery kit, and you can choose the supplies you want to contain. A suggestion are the following implements:

Bottled water, to stay hydrated.
Emergen-c packages, serve as immunity boosters while the body recovers.
Analgesics, for headaches.
Granola bars, to be nourished.
Face wipes and mint for the breath, to cool off.
Do not forget to place the supplies in craft paper bags, along with labels that identify the event, as well as matching round labels.

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