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Beautiful unofficial album from our Mr Wonderful wedding

Collect photos of your family and friends, and include them in this cute unofficial album for your wedding. It contains 64 pages. Measures 27 x 25 cm.
The photos of the wedding may be the most beloved and expected memory after you get married. But would you like to have an album in which your family and friends have taken the pictures? Fortunately we have for you the original alternative that you were looking for.
Beautiful unofficial album from our Mr Wonderful wedding
The unofficial album of our wedding of Mr Wonderful, has a beautiful minimalist design that allows you to include photos of every important moment of the wedding, and every moment is tagged inside the album.
Characteristics of the album
The cover of the wedding album is elaborated in materials that will guarantee the duration of the album. It is indifferent if you have the colors you used at your wedding or not, because it is an album with a special touch.
Ask your friends and family to give you the best pictures they have and include them in your album, whether they are taken with cameras or phones. Do not worry about the light or framing of the photos; it's about having an authentic memory of your wedding.
To buy this wedding album
Mr Wonderful has the best decorative elements for your wedding, so finding a wedding album in this place will not be a problem. Visit the official Mr Wonderful site on Amazon and get what you need for that big day.
Do not think about it anymore, and be a creditor of this fabulous beautiful unofficial album from our wedding of Mr Wonderful, and relive the spontaneous side of your wedding through the photos.