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Beautiful and elegant lights for wedding centerpieces

For those brides who are looking for a solution for their centerpieces, this is undoubtedly an alternative that, besides being original, is economical.

Beautiful and elegant lights for wedding centerpieces

A special day is approaching; that day when you will say 'yes, I want' to the love of your life and you want everything to be perfect.

That's why I invite you to add a touch of elegance to your wedding with these strings of lights for centerpieces. They are very practical but striking at the same time.

Why worry about your centerpieces?

Weddings have a lot of work, and you have to fine-tune many details to make that day as you've always dreamed. Something you expect during the arrival to the reception of your wedding, is that the whole room is decorated to your liking.

An element that impacts are the centerpieces of the wedding. Remember that less is always more if you are looking for an elegant wedding. Simplicity is the key and an ideal option is delicate decorations with chains of lights.

Tips for decorating centerpieces

These chains of lights can be found in two presentations, both of approximately one meter in length: One of 20 lights with a separation of 2 inches between lights, and the other of 10 lights whose separation between lights is 4 inches.

One way to use these lights, is to supplement them with a mason jar, similar to the one used in the wedding wish jar. Best of all, the lights fit perfectly in the jar.

If you are worried about batteries, the strings of lights for centerpieces of your wedding include batteries, and also have the advantage of being replaceable.