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Beautiful rice dahlias to include in your wedding

The tradition of rice at weddings has never had such beauty and sophistication, with these beautiful dahlias that serve as a decorative element.

Beautiful rice dahlias to include in your wedding

When you are preparing your wedding, and however modern you may be, you probably want to keep some traditions, such as the time when guests throw rice on the bride and groom as they leave the church.

This is a tradition that many people consider to be native to the East. However, it has spread throughout Europe and America.

Meaning of rice at weddings
When the guests take a small handful of rice from a bag to be thrown over the happy couple, according to tradition, they are wishing for a life full of happiness and best wishes.

But do not limit yourself to placing a few simple bags with rice. Take the opportunity to turn these beautiful rice dahlias into a beautiful detail to decorate your wedding.

Materials for dahlias

Convert the symbol of abundance and prosperity into a beautiful accessory for your wedding. You only need enough tissue paper and ribbon to tie each sachet after adding a handful of rice.


Place a small card with your name and that of the groom in the knot, as well as the date of the wedding. Actually, this will give your rice dahlias a very sophisticated air.
To place them in the church, you can arrange beautiful wicker baskets and create floral centers that will brighten up your wedding.
The paper of silk that you use can be of several colors, although if you combine green dahlias with yellow dahlias, the result will be really spectacular.
Now, you can integrate this element with this spectacular bridal brunch, making dahlias of the corresponding color.

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