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Kinematic LED light box with customizable symbols and letters

An original and perfect decoration for your wedding, LED light box with 90 letters and customizable symbols of black color.
Make your wedding a magical and perfect night, because it deserves it that way, right? It is a very, very special day for you and your partner, so it should not be a simple celebration and equal to any other. It should shine! For this you can add to your decoration the LED light box with symbols and letters, an object that will make all your guests impressed.
Kinematic LED light box with customizable symbols and letters
With the kinematic box of LED light you can play with your imagination, since it is a customizable box, and this because it has 90 different letters and black symbols so you can write it what you want and add emoticons or symbols that give it a perfect touch to the light box.
You can change the messages whenever you want, and if you want you can buy several LED light boxes to make a more original decoration. Write the message you want to convey to your guests. And do not worry about the energy consumption, this wonderful object has energy efficiency, in addition to a USB connector.
Only for weddings?
Not only can you decorate your wedding with the cinematic box, you can also use it to decorate birthdays, anniversaries, for a romantic night and other special celebrations, and you can even use it to decorate a room inside your home. It will look fantastic!
The kinematics box of LED light is very easy to use, you do not need any special installation, just write the message you want combining your letters and symbols, plug in the electrical power and ¡Ready!