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Enyel brand Paleroschristian style wedding coins

Beautiful paleocristianas arras, ideal for brides who want to give a different touch to the wedding ceremony. Store them in your bag made of leatherette.
There are brides looking for every detail of their wedding is prepared in the best way, whether the decoration, the wedding procession, the wedding rings and of course the wedding.
Enyel brand Paleroschristian style wedding coins
That is why we bring to you these spectacular Arras of wedding with Paleo-Christian style brand Enyel, where each piece has early Christian designs, similar to the diagrams found in the Roman catacombs.
Although the Catholic tradition indicates that the arras should be original coins of gold or silver, these early Christian banners fulfill their role well, so that you and your partner make vows of eternal love.
Description of the arras
They are an important part of the ecclesiastical wedding, and represent everything that the couple will share during their time as married.
What makes these arras special is that they are elaborated replicating the old foundry processes, depositing molten metal in stone molds, to obtain these deposits as it happened in the first centuries of the current era.
These early Christian gifts are an excellent gift that the bride and groom can receive for the wedding ceremony, since they were not only made to last, but can be displayed at home as a reminder of the wedding day.
To obtain these Paleo-Christian records ...
For a long time Enyel has specialized in offering customers everything related to good quality Christian jewelry. Enter the Enyel store on Amazon and get what you need in religious matters.
If you are looking for a different touch, do not think twice and buy the Enyel-brand Paleo-Christian wedding arras. Are you willing to acquire these beautiful pieces?