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Collection of wedding couple figures for Mopec wedding cake

Choose these figures for cake depending on the type of wedding you want to celebrate. Made in polyresin and hand painted.
One of the most memorable moments on the wedding day is cutting the cake; but a wedding cake would be incomplete if it is not decorated on the top with their respective grooms figures. Would you dare to dispense with these figures for the wedding cake?
Collection of wedding couple figures for Mopec wedding cake
That's why we have for you this incredible collection of Mopec wedding cake figures, suitable for all tastes and with great designs that you can choose to give your cake romantic and fun touch you need.
Origin of pastel figures
Although the figures of newlyweds seem recent, their origin dates back to the Middle Ages, where the story of a young woman who asked her father to elaborate a symbolic element of love for the wedding day is told.
These figures would begin to be incorporated more frequently in the cakes of the late nineteenth century, but it would be in the mid-twentieth century when the tradition of the wedding figures would gain strength.
Choose the bride shape that best suits your sense of humor, or the type of wedding you are going to celebrate. Make these wedding figures the perfect complement to the photos of the wedding cake.
To acquire these figures ...
Mopecse has been characterized by being your perfect ally in terms of decoration of weddings and celebrations. Visit Mopec through its Amazon page; You will see that your products and attention will not disappoint you.
Do not hesitate and buy any of the elements of Mopec's collection of wedding cake figures and make them your friends or keep them as a souvenir of your wonderful wedding.