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Beautiful Vintage Garland for Weddings

The vintage designs arrived to stay, even to give the spaces that rustic perosophisticated touch that they needed.
More and more weddings are included in this type of decoration, so the vintage elements more than a trend, part of a style.
That's why we present you this beautiful Vintage Garland made out of jute, where the phrase JustMarried (newlyweds) is read in raw letters, accompanied by a heart in the middle of the two words in English.
Beautiful Vintage Garland for Weddings
Criteria for installing the Garland
This ornament is ideal for country weddings, although there are those who think that harmonizes any environment, so it will depend on your tastes the inclusion of the pennants.
One of the secrets to vintage decorating is that ocher and aged colors, as well as certain types of letters, objects and materials, should predominate.
The Vintage Garland is composed of 12 13cm x 9.5cm jute cards with letters and symbols in crud and a 2 meter rope, able to withstand the weight of the cards. It is easy to assemble and very durable so that you can preserve your garland for a long time as a souvenir.
To buy the garland ...
This and other accessories for your wedding you can find them at WeddingTouches for Amazon, who have a rich inventory for wedding decoration, so your partner and you will not be disappointed.
It is a garland that has a very friendly price, and we ask you what do you expect to buy it?