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Jar of Wishes: Lanueva's signature book mode for your wedding

The signature book has been present at weddings for a long time, and it is undoubtedly an element that you can not do without for your family and friends to express their best wishes once you get married.
Unfortunately these books tend to deteriorate over time, so a new alternative has come to the market so that the blessings of the guests towards the bride and groom are enduring.
The Beautiful Botanics Wishes Jar is precisely the one we talk about and has a beautiful minimalist design, so that it can be adapted to any wedding setting.
Jar of Wishes: Lanueva's signature book mode for your wedding
Origin of the "Jar of Desires"
It is inspired by the famous jars that are made manually, in which the person deposits positive thoughts to be loved, so that he reads them daily so that he feels happy and motivated.
The Jar of Desires works in the same way, in which small hearts are distributed among the guests at the beginning of the celebration, and then organize a dynamic for the moment in which the hearts are deposited in the jar.
How to get it?
This container is available in Amazon's GingerRay virtual store, and contains 100 wooden hearts, a label with gold-colored instructions, and an eye-catching lid to insert the hearts.
Buy this product in order to keep the memory of your wedding alive. Dare to have a different wedding!