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A cup of tea, the perfect ornament for your wedding!

You may already have everything ready for your wedding, the dress, the invitation cards, the musical group, the food, the drinks and the decoration. Good for you! But do you think that something else is missing from the decoration? How about something more original?

A cup of tea, the perfect ornament for your wedding!

A perfect idea and you can do without spending a lot of money or invest much time, are a few cups of tea, but calm down! Obviously you will not serve tea at your wedding. These are small cups with some bonsai inside. I'll explain how they do it at Hall Events ...

DIY is fashionable and if it's something that gives you good then do it yourself! You should only have a certain amount of tea cups of the size, color and design you like, you will also need decorative thread, color card that goes well with your decoration and of course the bonsai. Likewise if you prefer you can use some artificial plant of your preference.

What you should do is insert your bonsai or artificial plant into the cup, then cut a piece of cardboard (uses patterns or molds to create a unique shape), with a stationery tool opens a small hole on one side of the shape, passes a small piece of thread through the hole and tie it to the handle of the cup of tea and Ready! You already have a perfect element to decorate.

If your wedding is day, this ornament will go much better and if it is not you who marry then present this incredible idea to your friend You will love it!