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Simple and beautiful decoration for candles

There are accessories that highlight the femininity of our homes and give a cozy touch to our space, this beautiful decoration for julieblannes candles you will love.
Simple and beautiful decoration for candles
She describes a simple way of how to transform a dull candle holder into an elegant one, using few materials and without spending much of our time.
The materials we are going to use are:
· Vessel where we will place the candle
· Liquid or Spray glue for crafts.
Glitter or glitter of the color that you like.
Decoration procedure:
· We take our container completely clean, with the help of a brush or with our finger we apply a layer of glue (if it is in Spray carefully spray the area where you want the decoration for candles).
· Then sprinkle the glitter, trying to fill all the spaces that have glue and avoid gaps.
· Allow the container to dry for approximately one hour, then remove the excess that has adhered.
As working with glitter sometimes becomes a bit disastrous, I recommend that you look for a place where you will realize the decoration that allows you to place a tablecloth or paper.
In order to collect the glitter that falls or detaches, store it again and be able to reuse it again.
If you want to add a neat touch, you can put tape for a more accurate and less messy glitter design.
As you can see is a detail that adds a sophisticated touch to the candles, which in addition to giving personality allows them to shine in a more vibrant, due to the particularity that adds the glitter as decoration to candle in any space we want to renew.