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Make your own plate of marriage alliances

To have a successful wedding every detail counts. That's why we'll show you how easy it can be to make a beautiful alliance platter, much like in Intimate Weddings.
Make your own plate of marriage alliances
It only takes a little patience and imagination to do what we will show you next.
Manufacturing Details
We will use white clay, which you can buy in craft stores. Make a roll that you no longer use and waste paper to spread the clay.
Look for two templates for initials, and a woven folder. Place the lace on the clay, and pass the roller so that it is marked.
Mark the initials equally, and look for a disposable lid, placing it in the extended clay, so that the marked letters and the fit are inside the lid.
Cut the clay according to the contour of the lid and make two holes in the top where the alliances will be hung with rustic thread or ribbons.
Once the dish shape is ready ...
Place the prototype on a curved ceramic plate, placing relief and letters face up. The markings should be in the shape of a frame. Put two miniature pigeons together and have a slit to place them on the same curved plate.
Insert the ceramic dish in the oven (with the moths), about 30 minutes. After the time, let it cool down for 20 minutes to continue working.
File the edges of the dish and stick the moths. Ready! You already have your wedding ring, which is perfect for beach or country weddings.