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Amazing eco gift for your wedding

The boom that has taken in recent years the care of the environment has also reached the reception of social events such as weddings, entering the center of the table as an ecological gift.
Amazing eco gift for your wedding
In FabYouBliss give us a quite accessible and useful option as are handmade soaps, allowing us to play with fragrances, designs and above all to do them in a natural way, avoiding the use of chemicals that pollute the environment.
Here we teach you to make a soap from a base, with which you start to have fun with the variants you want to make or according to the needs you want to satisfy as soaps for dry or oily skin.
· Oats.
· Honey.
· Dried flowers.
· ½ kg of Castile soap.
· Molds for soaps or cupcakes (the one you have will be useful).
The procedure consists of:
· Chop into pieces the Castile soap that will help you as a base in your ecological gift.
· To internally cover a heat resistant container, to deposit Castile soap there.
· Heat it in the microwave for periods of 15 seconds or 20, so that it melts without letting it boil.
· When it is completely in the liquid state, we proceed to perform the fun part. I teach you three combinations
1. Orange peel, essential oil of bergamot.
2. Peppermint leaves, peppermint essential oil and oats.
3. Leaves of dry chamomile, honey, oats and essential oil of eucalyptus.
The amount of essential oils goes in an approximate of 10 drops, and the flowers and other ingredients are added of moderate form, between 4 to 3 tablespoons.
After mixing well with the base of the soap, deposit the mixture in the molds and wait an approximate 4 hours, or until they are firm.
From there we can package them with the motive we chose for our wedding reception, delivering an ecological gift that goes with the style chosen.