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Instant coffee straws as a wedding detail

How many brides have not come to stress and lose control for lacking ideas for wedding details? Fortunately we have a solution for you.
This is instant coffee made of polyv present in test tubes like those of the laboratories. It may seem a bit eccentric, however I invite you to take a look at this type of memories in Something Turquoisey you will be fascinated.
Instant coffee straws as a wedding detail
Preparation of content.
In this case we will mix Mocacchino, and for this you will need:
¾ cup of sugar, ¾ cup of coffee cream, ½ cup of instant coffee, ½ cup of milk powder and 1/3 cup of cocoa powder.
Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl, while you enjoy the aroma.
Martha Stewart's specimens are ideal for this project. Do not be available, look for suppliers that have test tubes of the same capacity.
Purchase corks that fit the opening of the tube and fill the probe with 3 tablespoons brews of coffee mixture. Add the topping and finally cover the probe with the cork.
As topping or cover you can choose chocolate chips, marshmallows, or anything else delicious.
Now the final touches ...
Buy sticker paper and print multiple labels according to the design of your preference.
Be assured that you will receive all kinds of compliments for the details, and one to another will want to imitate the example. From the rest, Enjoy your wedding day!