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A jar with cookies They will love your guests!

Who does not like cookies? We all like to eat cookies, which is why in Intimateweddings have published a super idea so that not only include an original ornament but also delicious.
A jar with cookies They will love your guests!
Just take a clear glass jar of the size you prefer and fill it with cookies. You can make cranberry or chocolate cookies or the ones you like (they can also be varied) Do you have friends or family who take care of your figure or who simply can not tolerate anything sweet? You can also bake low-calorie, gluten-free cookies.
We recommend that you decorate with ribbon the edge of the jar to make it look much better, make a loop so that it looks fantastic, also do not forget that the jar must have a secure lid in case you are going to transfer the jars from one place to another, likewise try to secure the containers very well, if necessary you can pack them, you do not want a problem of last moment that damages the best moment of your life.
To vary and to be a little more original, print labels with messages of any kind or you can even consider that these labels have annotated the recipe of cookies.
Remember that it is your wedding and that every detail is extremely important. The embellishments you use to stick to the jar as the cloth tape or label, make sure they go according to the decoration of the room where they will be placed.
This type of wedding decorations can be done in a very short time and also if you like to bake it will not be complicated at all And may they be happy forever!