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The new trend of DIY weddings

For us women on our wedding day is undoubtedly the most important and the best achievement we can have and of course, then our children would come and so the chain would become extensive over time but certainly when we look for the ideal idea to organize our magic moment we can find thousands of ideas on the internet that despite all, they manage to look fascinating in the field of decoration of the place where the wedding will be made but no matter how we want to include each of the ideas we have found, it could be tedious if our budget goes beyond the limit.
The new trend of DIY weddings
There is an idea for weddings that has been made known as a term that refers to the ecological care and are called the "green weddings" This type of DIY wedding is known for being a rather fun idea and that combines the middle natural with the whole environment of the place where the wedding was held.
This wonderful idea and that is certainly completely fun to put into practice on a day as special as our wedding, is based on the material of plantable paper, this paper is a new trend towards the environment where they are used a mixture of flower seeds and are embedded in paper that is handmade, that is, this type of paper is 100% ecological because it does not come from the trees.
This new form of decoration can be used as the decoration of the centers of table, stamps of invitations to the wedding and even like an excellent memory of weddings for the guests. It is very easy to prepare this DIY paper, you should only have at your disposal, a packet of seeds, a blender, a cookie cutter in the form of a heart (only if you wish) the pieces of paper and a mold where you can let dry the work without ruin, if you have any other doubts, you can visit without difficulty the hillcitybride portal and find out more about this wonderful wedding design.