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Elegant white wedding initials crafted in cork

These wedding initials made of white cork measure 200 cm high and 20 cm thick. The best choice to decorate weddings and photo shoots

Elegant white wedding initials crafted in cork
The great day is approaching! But perhaps you are not satisfied with some wedding decorations that appear in magazines and bridal websites. Definitely the word "usual" does not exist in your dictionary.
Since we know you want the best of weddings, we bring you these beautiful cork initials, which have become the latest sensation when it comes to wedding decorations.
While it is true that cork is a light material, these letters are designed with the purpose of keeping them immobile, so that the breeze or some movement of the guests is not able to knock them down.
Get ready to give a unique touch to your wedding photos
These cork initials allow you not only to embellish the space where you celebrate your wedding, but you can also make the photo session with your loved one, family and close friends.
Taking into account that the initials for photos have become fashionable; his presence brightens the wedding photos like a photocall, and its white color makes it possible to personalize them.
Not only are they useful for wedding decorations, but they can be used for all kinds of events.
Where to get cork letters for weddings?
For you who are fond of good taste, these initials for photos can be obtained through Oedim, considered one of the best Amazon sites aimed at advertising and photography.
Do not think twice, and acquire these initials for weddings made in cork, wishing you to live the best of experiences during your wedding day.