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Give a bottle as a souvenir at your wedding

If you are planning your wedding, surely you are making sure that not only do you feel good in that magical night but also your guests feel at ease in the place. For this you need to not only give them an invitation card that makes them feel important and part your happiness, you must also consider and never forget to give them a special detail.
Give a bottle as a souvenir at your wedding
You can give a detail to your guests with the invitation card or place them on the table that corresponds to them during the wedding party. If at this moment you have realized that you had not put in the list of things the details for your guests Do not worry! We will give you an idea that you will love and that you will surely want to adopt for your wedding.
Usually the hosts give simple details that the guests can take home and take it as an ornament, but since you do not want to make your wedding a party more, but want something unique and original, you better take this idea: this is a bottle adorned with a small card fastened with jute and a key that serves to uncover the bottle Can you imagine? Look how it is here.
The bottle you can choose from the liqueur you like just like the type of bottle opener and the color and size of the card, it is about playing with your imagination and of course do it based on the type of decoration of your wedding. Also on the card you can write what you want.