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Hanging wire orbs to decorate the wedding

These golden orbs will add attractive golden sparkles to your photos and you can make them in a few minutes.

Hanging wire orbs to decorate the wedding

I'm a big fan of the golden details. I think a bit of this delicate tone will always get its place in any design style. Maybe that's why I fell in love instantly when I saw these delicate golden wire orbs hanging on a table.

It is magical the feeling they create in photographs, and in person when they move in the breeze. I immediately knew that I needed to find a place for some of these golden sparks in the decoration of my wedding.

These capricious and delicate orbs only require a couple of materials and some manual dexterity. Although we will hang them on the table, they are actually versatile and can be used in many ways. I show you how I made them.

You need to make the orbs

Golden wire, the thickness of your choice.
Wire cutter
Some decorative pearls with hole.


Pass the wire through the bead and fold the ends down to secure it in place.
Let's use the fingers to measure. Hold the pearl with your ring and thumb fingers. Wind the wire around your fingers two or three turns.
Cut the wire on the back of your fingers, approximately at the height of the middle finger.
At this point, use the end of the wire to join the other turns of wire. With two turns around the wires it will be enough to secure them together.
Now you can remove your hand and open the loops to form something like an atomic model, just as they taught it at school.
They can be folded so that they have a perfect shape, but we also love the personality and charm conveyed by the slightly imperfect shapes.

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