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Learn for yourself to preserve the bridal bouquet

No bride wants to say goodbye to her bouquet. If you want to keep your flowers forever, it is good to know the best options to achieve it.

Learn for yourself to preserve the bridal bouquet

We know that a wedding consumes time and money. And a lot of this is invested in achieving a memorable moment for the guests and for the couple. Much of this is preserved in photos and videos, but would not it be incredible if you could also preserve the bouquet?

There are professional options, such as freeze drying, but can cost between 400 and 1200 euros depending on the size of the bouquet. Keep reading to find out the economic options you have to keep that priceless object forever.

Outdoor drying
Another simple way to preserve your bridal bouquet is to let it dry outdoors. Tie the stems tightly together and hang the bouquet upside down in a dry and warm place. Check again in a couple of weeks and you will see that your bouquet has dried completely.

Drying with silica gel
Silica gel is a porous sand that absorbs water and dries flowers in a few days. To use it you must pour it in a closed container, making sure to cover all the petals.

The advantage over outdoor drying is that color is better preserved. When the bouquet is dry, you can harden it with hair spray.

Epoxy resin
By immersing your flowers in epoxy resin you can create decorative pieces that will last for decades. Make beautiful memories in the form of a cube or sphere with the appropriate mold, as the photo shows.

Submerge them in wax
Although you will not keep them forever, immersing fresh flowers in paraffin wax will allow them to last up to 6 months while maintaining their beauty.

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