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Learn how to make aged paper quickly (DIY)

Aged paper is a great detail for a themed wedding. Learn to do it yourself in a few minutes and with few materials.

Learn how to make aged paper quickly (DIY)

If I had to organize my own wedding again, I would do a thematic wedding. One that all the guests talk about for years and years. A pirate-themed wedding!

If you have to organize such an event, you must remember that the devil is in the details. And what better detail to make each piece of paper (whether invitations, posters or notes to reserve the posts) look authentically old.

This technique would also be ideal for medieval, historical, steampunk, fantasy or Victorian themes.

Materials and tools

Paper printed in laser.
Instant coffee.
Soft sponge
A controlled source of fire (lighter or candle).

Aged paper manufacturing

Print what you want to grow old on plain white paper. It is preferable to use a laser printer since inkjet printers sometimes use water-soluble inks.
If you are going to write something by hand, leave it to the end to prevent it from running (unless that is the effect you are looking for).
Prepare a cup of instant coffee.
Place the piece of paper on a flat surface. Dip the sponge into the coffee and carefully spread the coffee on the paper. Be careful because the wet paper is delicate.
If you wish you can repeat the process on the other side of the paper.
Once the paper has the desired color, use a lighter or candle to lightly burn the edges. If the paper is still damp, this helps maintain control of the flame and prevents the fire from spreading.
For something old, but something more elaborate, check out these classic vintage invitations.

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