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Wedding bouquet holder made with macramé

What is better than wearing a beautiful floral bouquet on your big day? Well, take it wrapped in this delicate macramé bouquet holder.

Wedding bouquet holder made with macramé

Call it an unexpected return; the macramé is having an interesting moment. Any decoration catalog can prove this point. But the tendency of the knotted ropes, very popular in the 1970s, has not stopped in the carpets and pot holders.

The macramé is making its way into the heart of wedding design. We have seen macramé in altars of ceremonies, adorning chandeliers and even on the tables. And that's not to mention the macrame imitations we've seen created for cakes.

A handmade macramé bouquet holder

This bouquet holder or holder of macramé can be that romantic touch, perhaps even bohemian, that you can add to your bridal bouquet. This piece can also quickly become a wall decoration that will serve to remember that great day.

It can be used to wrap the bride's bouquet while walking down the aisle and then placed as a decoration for the bride and groom's table for the rest of the event.

Adjustable and customizable

It measures 19 inches at the longest point and is constructed with an adjustable cotton cord to fit most bouquet sizes.

The length can also be customized to be longer or shorter. You can also dye completely by dipping or just at the ends to get a touch of color that matches your decoration.

You just have to send your requests to the manufacturer, KnottyNaturedHB, who makes them by hand in Huntington Beach, California.

You can find more information in etsy