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Make these same sheets as a wedding cake topper

In less than an hour you will have an elegant and classic copper leaf decoration on your wedding cake.

Make these same sheets as a wedding cake topper

A few days ago I saw this project and I immediately knew that I wanted to share it with you. Although originally I imagined it as an elegant decoration for a wedding cake, now I realize that it can be used in other places of your decoration.

This elegant triumphal crown of copper can be made very quickly and adapt to any size in a few minutes. In addition, you can do it in other colors, because there are metallic sheets of other materials.

Materials for the leaves
Die cutter in the form of a small leaf.
Strong scissors or clip to cut wire.
Cold silicone glue
Copper sheets for crafts of thickness 0.004 inches
Copper wire
Steps to follow
Using the die-cut mold, cut out about 15 sheets of copper. You can add texture to the leaves by manipulating them a bit.
Cut out a few pieces of wire that will serve as stems of the leaves. To have the proper texture twist the wire on itself to create a spiral.
Put some glue on one side of the copper sheet and place the twisted wire rod.
Using a large piece of twisted wire creates the crown, which will be the main stem where the leaves will be placed.
Twist the stem of each leaf around the main stem and carefully distribute the leaves alternately between the inner and outer sides of the crown.
Once the crown is finished, place it on the cake. And ready!
You can use this crown to frame the figures of the couple on the cake.

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