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Organic wedding gifts for your guests

We show you some gift ideas for your wedding guests, so that this moment is not only special for you, but for all attendees.

Organic wedding gifts for your guests

It is a tradition that when celebrating a wedding, the couple give a small present to the guests, as a reminder of that special day.

Wedding memories represent a way to thank all family and friends, for having shared that important day for the couple. Therefore, something must be done that is simple but meaningful.

Keep in mind these fabulous ideas!

If you still do not know what you can deliver at your wedding, sign up to give away wonders of nature; surely your guests will love these ecological options:

If your wedding is in the spring, you can place a tulip or narcissus bulb in a small terracotta or wooden pot.
Use mason pots with small ferns, it will be a very modern and delicate present at the same time. These Mason flasks are similar to those we use in the wish box / wedding book.
You can choose some beautiful succulent plants or crasas, and wrap them in brown paper, take a nice ribbon to make a loop to the wrapper.
You can deliver the chosen plants inside a small bag, closed with a ribbon, making a loop.

Why choose these options?

Here are some suggestions, and the most important thing is that these gifts have a card with the names of the couple, the date of the wedding and a phrase according to the moment.

In addition to the small plants, you can add envelopes with seeds, encouraging your guests to plant and care for their plants.

If you do not want to use envelopes to place the seeds, you can use boxes of decorated matches, keeping the seeds inside the boxes.

You can find more information in thejoyofplants