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Original carries alliances for your wedding day

Although pillow-shaped alliances are common, here we show you that an embroidered frame is an original proposal for this special day.

Original carries alliances for your wedding day

Traditionally, alliances are carried on a delicate white pillow. However, if you want to have a wedding outside of the traditional, you can consider a different alliance.

In this opportunity, a very original suggestion for your wedding is that the holder of alliances is a frame ... Yes, those frames that our grandmothers use to embroider, being ideal for vintage weddings, combining perfectly with beautiful vintage garlands.

Do not know how to start?

You only need that the frame is in good condition, and a beautiful white cloth in which you will have embroidered in advance something special for your wedding.

The embroidery can have the shape of a heart or flowers, although you can also use witty and very tender phrases. If you have no idea how to make the embroidery, calm ... Here I will give you a quick explanation to obtain a beautiful and delicate embroidery to carry the alliances before the altar.

Making the alliances portal ...

If you want a cross stitch embroidery, there is a unicolor fabric with a grid of small squares. Download a pattern with the motif you want, and follow the pattern based on the colors and the number of frames to form the figures or letters.

On the other hand, if you want to make your alliances in another type of web, choose the one you like the most. Then draw the design on a piece of paper and transfer it to the fabric, embroidering with small stitches at the same time that we are guided by the lines of the pattern.

At the end of your embroidery, you can take a piece of fabric and cover the back of the embroidery, as this will give an excellent finish.

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