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Paper cones for throwing rice or flower petals

Maintaining the tradition of throwing rice or flower petals to the bride and groom is very easy with these small cones to distribute among the guests.

Paper cones for throwing rice or flower petals

Throwing rice at the bride and groom is an almost universal wedding tradition. The symbology is clear; rice symbolizes both fertility and prosperity, and throwing it implies the best wishes of the guests for the successful remarriage.

And although times change, and now get used to throwing confetti or flower petals, some wrapping will always be necessary to distribute it among the guests.

It is the case that I am organizing the decoration for the great day of my best friend. As we are going to throw rose petals in the air when the couple leaves the church, I wanted to prepare some nice paper cones for the guests. Here I show you how I made them:

You will need to

Fine cardboard with different patterns.
Hole punch
Transparent tape
Labels with the names of the couple.
Some decorative element (I used paper butterflies).
Glue or cold silicone.


Cut several squares of 12 x 12 cm cardboard.
Fold the square to form a cone and secure it with clear tape.
In the wide part of that cone opens two holes with the perforator. Open a third hole in the 'lid' of the cone that will allow closing it.
Fill with the petals.
Use the thread to fix the label and to close the cone. You can also use a thin cloth tape.
Use glue to place the decorative element on the label.

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