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Photocall for weddings with floral frame and customizable background

Make the photos of your wedding unique with this beautiful photocall of flowers, measures 335 cm x 260 cm. Ideal for all types of weddings.

Photocall for weddings with floral frame and customizable background
The number of couples who care that their wedding photos have originality and style is growing. That is why they resort to elements that have recently joined weddings: photocalls.
Enjoy with your partner the experience of having the best photographs, with the use of a photocall for weddings, which in turn has a beautiful flower frame that is easily integrated into the decoration of the gala.
Why choose a photocall for your wedding?
You may have seen celebrities posing to be photographed during an event. These photos are not made arbitrarily and therefore the celebrities are located in front of the photocalls, with the printed logos of the corporations that sponsor the event.
That is why the concept of wedding photocalls was born, so that the bride and groom and their guests can take the photos they want. Using photocalls with customizable background is the new way to make photo sessions in weddings without relying on expensive structures.
This element is made of vinyl, which is a very resistant material, and includes a support in the shape of "X" able to hold the banner for the duration of the celebration.
A photocall made to your liking
Acquiring a photocall with a customizable background may seem simple, but unfortunately there are advertising houses that can charge you a lot of money or offer you a poor result.
We invite you to visit the Oedim virtual site at Amazon, so you can request advertising products of the best quality, from customizable backgrounds to other elements to decorate your wedding.
So encourage yourself to have dreamy photos and be the owner of this Photocall for weddings with floral frames and customizable background.