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Moments & Events

Under the motto "Enjoy your wedding, our wedding planners will organize it", born Moments & Events, a project full of illusion that emerges in early 2009 under the baton teacher of Natalia Garcia and Marta Jiménez, two young entrepreneurs that after planning their own weddings from beginning to end, they decided to try in the field of events and become specialists in the organization, management and wedding design.

Characterized throughout by their relentless pursuit of perfection at the final result, M&E create events completely customized and tailored to each couple, working and advising the couple at all times and allowing them to enjoy 100% the most important day of their lives without concerns and what is more satisfying, in order to be recognized by all their guests.

Moments & Events

One of the strengths of the Wedding Planners Natalia and Marta is that don't work exclusively with suppliers, a fact that makes them independent and specialists to find the best alternatives for the occasion and their position as  agency allows them to get discounted rates and ideal conditions for the couple.

Besides running around the country, the work of M&E has no limits and allow the couple to marry in a different place of their habitual residence.

Future brides and grooms, if you seek for a global advice to make your wedding become a dream, let yourselves be advised by specialists as Moments & Events that undoubtedly will meet your highest demands and expectations.