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Heart-shaped soaps, perfect for a wedding gift

Soap for a wedding gift in the shape of a heart, with a decorative gift box ideal to present to the couple on their special day.

Heart-shaped soaps, perfect for a wedding gift
Is your friends' wedding coming? Do not you know what to give them on their special day? Possibly the advice you receive in this regard are associated with common gifts such as greeting cards and other gifts that the bride and groom normally receive at their wedding. But if you're the one who likes to make everything more original and authentic, then how about some heart-shaped soaps as a wedding gift?
If the idea of ​​soap as a wedding gift has surprised you, then you can dare to buy these soaps in the form of a heart. It is a pack of 24 soaps in the form of hearts contained in a decorative box, so you do not need to buy anything additional. With the box where they come you can make the delivery of an original wedding gift.
Each wedding soap measures: 4.5x4, 5 cm and the decorative box has measures of: 8x5, 5x3, 5 cm. Also if you want you can make extra decorations to the box to give a more original and personalized style, and of course do not forget to place a small card with a dedication for the couple will love it!
If you have seen the soaps in the shape of a heart and you liked it so much that you want to give them to us, you want them for you. Good! They will look fantastic in your bathroom, because not only do they have an excellent aroma, they also give a decorative touch. And yet you can use your box as part of the decoration, even after using the soaps.