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Tips for planning the perfect wedding on the beach

A wedding on the beach is the recurring dream of many brides. Take these tips into account so that this day is as perfect as possible.

Tips for planning the perfect wedding on the beach

Most of us, when planning a wedding on the beach, we do so by imagining a relaxed and cheerful adventure. Actually, planning a wedding in a non-traditional place is not easy.

As I learned the hard way, there are many things to consider. So if you are thinking of marrying on the beach, here are some tips that I consider essential:

No lace and no veil
Lace dresses collect sand and other debris. Choose a lightweight fabric like chiffon or charmeuse instead. The veil is very good indoors, but if there is a wind it can be a nightmare for you and the photographer. Best accessories with flowers or headdresses.

Take care of your feet
Sand and high heels do not mix. Wear sandals or shoes that do not sink into the sand. But avoid walking barefoot, because the sand can burn. A runner with fabric or a flower petal mat helps keep feet cool.

The guys with casual clothes
The tuxedos are for the chapels and churches. Lightweight cotton pants or even shorts are good options for the beach.

Let the landscape be the decoration
With a beautiful marine backdrop you do not have to overload the decoration. Instead, it highlights the natural beauty of the place. The decoration should be simple.

Nature is unpredictable
Unfortunately, the weather can play against you, so prepare solid plan B. A canopy or a tent for events are ideal. Or find a space in the interior where your big day can go on.

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