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Unique ideas for your perfect bridal bouquet

Personalize your bouquet to give an unexpected and original twist to the traditional bouquet style, it will also look great in the photos.

Unique ideas for your perfect bridal bouquet

Participating in the old tradition of carrying a bouquet of flowers does not mean you can not give your own personal turn. Like this fun cone shaped ice cream bouquet.

Anything from the selection of flowers to the addition of unexpected elements can modernize it and turn it into something truly special and unique.

Get inspired by the theme, the place or the color palette of your wedding to give life to your bouquet. Here are our 3 favorites, but you can find more original ideas for your bouquet in this article.

Natural textures and succulents
Using succulents in wedding bouquets is becoming more frequent. The result is a complex floral bouquet, full of different textures. There will be endless details that will capture the attention of guests as you walk down the hall.

This bouquet contains dahlias, succulents, blue eryngium, freesias, lemon leaves and eucalyptus leaves with golden spray paint.

Vegetation and ferns
We love how the ferns are in the bridal bouquets. It's so classic! In addition, vegetable additives to the bouquet are a great way to save the cost of flowers.

The intense green color of the ferns, and its special texture, combines perfectly with the different flowers. You can see it here combined with blue eryngiums and white roses.

Tillandsias in your bouquet
These plants grow in the branches of the trees, that is why in English they are called airplants, that is, air or aerial plants. Adding a tillandsia to your bouquet is a modern, elegant and capricious detail at the same time.

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