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Wedding invitations made with handmade candles

Make fabulous wedding invitations that come out of the mold; They come in the form of aromatic candles. A creative souvenir to deliver to your guests.

Wedding invitations made with handmade candles

A fundamental element to achieve the wedding of your dreams, is to be able to share that important moment with the most beloved people.

Why not give them a very special and original invitation? The tradition dictates to deliver the invitations personally, with some exceptions.

The classic style indicates that the invitations are cards elaborated in a beautiful design. On the other hand, modern technology offers the option to deliver digital invitations and can be sent directly to email or mobile phone.

But we can do something different ...

Technology facilitates many activities, although I would particularly love to see the faces of my family and friends when I give them my wedding invitation. However, it is a very particular decision between your partner and you to select this alternative.

But if you decide to follow the tradition, do it with an original style considering that your invitations are delicate craft candles.


For each candle you need the following materials:

250 grams of GV-35 wax.
28 grams of aromatic essence.
Glass cup with cork stopper.
10 centimeters waxed wick for candles.
Personalized sticker
Its preparation is very simple. Start by heating the wax in a metal container, and then add the aromatic essence. When the mixture reaches 62 degrees, it is time to pour it into the glass cup.

When the wax begins to harden, introduce the waxed wick. Once the glass cools, stick the personalized sticker and cover the candle with the cork so it does not lose its aroma.

If you want to complement the invitation-candles, you can include as an additional souvenir these spectacular decorated bottles.